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How to Fix Error 0x80004005 Windows 7?

Error 0x80004005 is seen as unspecified error. It generally occurs when the user cannot access to shared files/drives, virtual machines and when the Window update fails.

The error cannot be specified, even the Microsoft books entitle it as “Unspecified error”. Also, the troubleshooting process can’t help you as the system is unable to locate the affected area. And since the area is not specified, it may get a little difficult to find a precise solution for it.

Today in this tutorial we’ll be walking through different areas of the system which can possibly be affected and the right steps to follow.

Fix error 0x80004005

Method #1 - Virtualbox (Registry key)

  • Press Windows key and “R”.

  • Type Regedit and click on “OK”.

  • Go to the following registry path:-


  • If you find this key, delete it and wait for the results.

  • Yet if the results are not the same as you expected, try and deleting your antivirus or reinstalling it.

Method #2 - network adapter branch name

  • Go to “Start menu” > “Control Panel” > “Device manager” and open it.

  • Now click on view “Hidden devices”.

  • As the tick is seen in front of hidden devices, open network adapters branch.

  • You’ll notice many names starting from Microsoft six to ten. Delete all of them.

  • As the devices are deleted, restart the system to notice a better performance.


These were the simplest ways to get rid of Error 0x80004005. It can be present in any part of the system, therefore it’s always better to save all your important documents and folder in C/D drive. By saving your files in these drives, you have fewer chances to lose the documents due to unusual behavior of your system.